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It's time for a new book!

Meet Little Duck, as he swims round and around, comparing himself to other animals. If only he could see himself through their eyes!

In our world of social media perfection, help your child to look through the eyes of Little Duck and see... "the best thing about you, is that you are YOU"

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Little Duck

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"It's your best book so far... and I thought the others would be impossible to beat"

Thank you 'Lyn W' for your kind words, high praise indeed!

Hi, I'm Tracey, my stories help young children explore their emotions and deal with life's daily challenges - and have fun!

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Making Friends

“You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.” Wise words from Pooh Bear, reminding us we have to make an effort sometimes... but what if your child is shy and struggles to make friends?

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Book reviews

Thanks to everyone who has sent me a book review - please keep them coming, I love to hear from you!

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Free Stuff

Every little helps, right? So grab yourself a FREE copy of SHOW ME on kindle for the kids.

Don't use kindle? No problem, head over to Resources and you can download the verses for free, along with many more freebies... my gift to you!

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Self Publishing

I'm new to the world of writing and the leap from creating stories to self publishing is massive!

If, like me, you'd like to make your book a reality, then head over to my "Resources" page. I've put together a Beginner's Guide packed with tips and advice on everything from finding an illustrator and a self publishing platform, to copyright and promotion - you're welcome!

Sticks and Stones

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“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me”.... Really? I don't think so! Being called names, being teased, having rumours spread about you – these are some of the most hurtful and damaging forms of verbal bullying that children can experience...

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Making Exercise Fun

“We all can dance if we find music that we love”. Such wise words from a giraffe called Gerald, and I believe the same applies to children and exercise. But it has to be fun...

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Feeling Anxious?

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Mild anxiety is common in everyday life, it's a natural response that children- and adults - experience when we feel frightened or worried about something...

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Feeling Lonely

“Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door... the penguin looked sad and the boy thought it must be lost" (JEFFERS) It's not just penguins who feel lonely! Children as young as six years old have been getting in touch...

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