Tracey Thomson

I've been writing children's stories in secret for years, building up the courage to share them with you. My stories help young children explore their emotions and encourage a healthy approach to life, giving parents and carers an opportunity to start talking with children about their wellbeing.

I was born in Scotland and now live in Guernsey with my family. I trained as a mental health nurse in Fife, working in Germany and Guernsey. More recently, I have been focusing on family commitments.

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Ros Webb

Ros Webb is a children's book illustrator. She has been illustrating children’s books for almost twenty years. She published her first children’s picture book “The Big Sleepy Bear and The Pink Flamingos” following the birth of her daughter.

Ros lives in the Irish mountains and is greatly inspired by her three children, fours dogs and growing collection of stray cats. She has worked extensively with authors from across the globe and is continually impressed by their imagination and story telling.

Martine Greig

The beautiful illustrations in the Show me series were created by Martine Greig, an artist from Fife. Martine is extremely talented and versatile, focusing on both painting and ceramics. She started painting over 20 years ago and more recently developed a passion for ceramics.

Martine paints using watercolour and ink, and enjoys making animal characters out of stoneware clay. She is a member of the Kirkcaldy Art Club and enjoys displaying her creations at local art shows and fayres.

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